2 Billion-Year-Old Ancient Nuclear Reactor Discovered Was Recently Discovered In South Africa

While minding his business analyzing uranium, a worker at a nuclear fuel processing plant in France discovered quite an anomaly, to say the least. He came across an abnormal mineral source that seemed different somehow, and after further research, he discovered the fact that its composition was completely different than the rest he’s ever discovered. While studying the uranium he had three isotopes that he could center on: uranium 238, uranium 234, and uranium 235.

All of these samples came to him from the Oklo deposit in Gabon and although uranium 235 was only 0.717 percent it was enough for him to understand that he’s not dealing with normal circumstances. After even more research was conducted he realized the fact that the mine in which the uranium had been discovered had a total of 200 kilograms of uranium inside, enough to create 6 whole nuclear bombs.

Experts claimed that this zone that it was discovered in was actually a nuclear reactor of some sort that emerged 1,800 million years ago and was used for a total of 500,000 years. Nobody knows whether this is a natural nuclear reactor or not, although experts agree that it was artificially altered by someone or something to use graphite and cadmium rods so that it doesn’t explode in the first place.

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