A Gigantic Pyramid Emerged in Bermuda Triangle with Glowing UFO (exemplification video)

This massive pyramid appeared out of nowhere in the Atlantic Ocean as an even bigger glowing UFO flew past it over the Great Abaco Island according to the locals.

Because of this, a team made up of several American and French scientists came together to effectively carry out an expedition to the Bermuda Triangle so as to find out what really happened here that day.

The pyramid in itself has never been spotted before as the team is very excited to see what they’ll discover after they finally uncover it.

The problem is that the pyramid appears to be around 985 feet in height and 300 feet in diameter.
This is by far the biggest pyramid we’ve ever come across, to say the least, bigger than the Great Pyramid of Giza for sure, greater than most ancient structures as a whole.

The structure also appears to have been built specifically to be underwater as there are two massive holes in it that suck up the water and push it out from another side of the structure most likely as a means of making sure that the pyramid doesn’t get blown away underwater.

Experts have stated that this is now the number one suspect for the mysterious disappearances of all of the boats and planes from the Bermuda Triangle.

Check out the video below as it perfectly explains all there is to this discovery and most importantly what else it perfectly explains.

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