A strange “out-of-place” artifact was discovered in the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk

The statue shown below is on display at the Pergamon Museum in Germany, along with other objects found in the same region.

Despite having significant historical significance, this monument was abandoned here as a means of scholars ignoring it so as not to jeopardize their own continuity.

The truth is that, despite the fact that it is shown there, none of the fascinating details about it are shown anywhere near it. It is written, for example, that it was found by German archaeologists at a site in modern-day Iraq where they unearthed the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk, but what isn’t written anywhere is that its finding within the sphere could mean a lot more than we are being led to believe.

Uruk was a relatively modern-looking city when it hit its height during the 3rd millennium BC, but no other sculptures within spheres have ever been discovered before in history.

Many people assume that the sphere represents a spacecraft or a space pod of some kind, and that the statue represents an alien.

We have plenty of evidence that the ancient Sumerians worshiped an alien race known as the Anunnaki, so this may be a reflection of these legendary creatures.


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