Alien Spaceship Found by UFO Hunters in Antarctica

Google Earth is an incredible tool for virtual archaeologists, to say the least. Through it, they are actually able to make discoveries effortlessly and without the need for a huge budget beforehand.

Let’s be honest here, the biggest problem that archaeologists have to deal with while working is budgeting everything and calculating all of the risks along the way, so do it all without spending a dime definitely sounds like a more convenient way, to say the least.

But anyways, a team of virtual archaeologists uncovered an alien ship in Antarctica.

They uploaded about it on their YouTube Channel named Secure Team which you can find yourself if you want to know more about it.

Some believe that this is proof that aliens reside in Antarctica, somewhere underneath the ice. The theory is definitely plausible as many of these holes have been discovered in there which could be considered entrances to the inner Earth of some sort.

Some believe that it isn’t aliens, but a secret sect of people that all no longer wish to adhere to today’s modern concepts. Whichever it is, the truth of the matter is that the discovery is just as insane regardless.

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