Ancient Giant Skeleton Discovered In Thailand?! Or It’s Just a Hoax?

A new discovery was made at the excavations of the local Khao Khanap Nam Cave in Thailand. Through this, the archaeologists actually uncovered what appears to be the skeleton of a Giant male of around 5 to 6 meters in height. Right next to his skeleton the crew also came across what appears to be a huge serpent’s remains. The KBTV news channel reported that the Krabi region, aka where they discovered this skeleton, is where they also uncovered the world’s first primate fossil named the Simaopithecus Eocaeunus.

That was a 35-million-year-old fossil that the experts uncovered, and although not directly linked with our own ancestors it does make for a great discovery nonetheless. This new discovery however is even more interesting as it appears to support the local legend of the Nagas. In this story, two men fight for the right to marry a princess, so they both ask the Nagas to turn them into what they wish to become.

One of them turns into the serpent while the other turns into the Giant, and so they fight it off, only for both of them to perish. The Nagas, often referred to as the Serpents in Hindu mythology were said to have lived in the ancient underground cities of Patala and Bhogavati.

Many claims have been made so far that the remains of the two are fake because of how perfectly pristine they are, but so far nothing was concluded by the experts.

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