Ancient Sumeria, the Anunnaki Gods and the Possible Origin of Reptilians

According to most known texts, the ancient Anunnaki were very reptilian in nature. They referred to humans as blackheads and in most descriptions, the Anunnaki were referred to as having human-like faces.

This is because they ordered the ancient Sumerians to not portray their real faces during the carvings and statue makings.

Three reoccurring themes have been discovered in all representations of the Anunnaki. First of all, they always wear a pineapple-like object in their hand.

It is referred to as the pineal gland and it is meant to showcase the fact that they knew how to stimulate it to extract its full potential.

Second of all, they all seem to hold a mysterious vessel in their hands which is referred to as the “Water of Life”.

Last but not least, we have the Anunnaki SIR, which is the strange bracelet they always wear

“SIR” means dragon or great snake according to experts, which is why people often refer to the Anunnaki as the Reptilians.

The symbol that all Anunnaki sported was the two snakes coiled in the caduceus which also points to them being reptilians all along.

Look at the following Mother Goddess statue which showcases her carrying a baby in her hands. Both she and her child are reptilians.

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