Ancient War Between 2 Alien Races? Pleiadians And The Anunnaki Aliens!

It was recently discovered that humanity has never been in control of its own destiny, as we’ve been herded the whole way through by a race that we cannot even fight against now that we know just who they are after all this time.

This race of impossibly strong beings has always been controlling us, making sure that we never overstep our boundaries along the way.

It turns out that all of the history books that we have written on the subject are meaningless now as all of that history has been influenced by these ancient beings. The only true history we have at hand lies at the stone carvings from the ancient Sumerian civilization. The ancient Sumerians often worshipped the extraterrestrial beings known as the Anunnaki, which translates from Sumerian to English as “Those Who Came from Heaven”.

As far as we know, the ancient Sumerians came to our planet around 3800 BC, washing up at the shores of the ancient Mesopotamia. They appeared to have gone completely missing, having been completely obliterated by some sort of a nuclear event around the Sinai Peninsula. This was a result of the ongoing battle between their gods, the Anunnaki, and the nearly perfect beings known as the Pleiadeans. Please watch the following video and see for yourself just how incredible this is to finally know:

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