Bizarre Miniature Devices Are Found in Human Beings Worldwide!

Please pay attention because this is very important. 17 surgeries were conducted on different people all from different areas with different backgrounds and all of these surgeries resulted in strange objects being pulled out of them.

These objects, seemingly alien in nature, are very strange, to say the least.

First off, they do not look like anything else seen on Earth thus far, they literally seem to radiate strange energy, to say the least. After they were officially taken out of their bodies, the doctors made sure to test out the patients and see that they were doing fine without the implants so as to make sure that they do not suffer any after-effects from the removal.

The Los Alamos National Laboratory was subjected to a bunch of tests which gave us some incredible results, to say the least. First off, we discovered the fact that even though these implants were foreign bodies inside of our own body, they weren’t rejected by us either.

Secondly, the implants tend to emit radio waves and electromagnetic fields which both seem to support the idea that they are chips transmitting information to a race of aliens out there. Thirdly, the consistency of the chip is strange to say the least, as it appears to contain uranium, iridium, carbon nanotubes, and even carbon nanofibers.

Fourthly, they have a mind of their own, as upon being ripped and torn into pieces they regenerate back to their original form in a matter of seconds.

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