China Discovered Huge Alien Base and Mining Facility Operating On Moon (Video)

One of the greatest mysteries of the last decades is that mankind has not returned to the moon. Why didn’t we return to the Moon if we managed to do this 50 years ago?

Technology has advanced enormously over the past 50 years, but mankind has failed to reach the Moon again. Or maybe we didn’t want to go back there anymore? According to Michael Salla, there is a military complex of extraterrestrial origin on the Moon. And the Moon would be ruled and defended by an authoritarian extraterrestrial regime. It seems that the latest findings of the Chinese support the claims of Michael Salla. Recently, China has released a series of images showing artificial constructions on the moon’s surface.

These images come to unravel the mystery and secrets that have always surrounded missions to the Moon. It seems that in recent decades China has invested huge amounts in the space program, especially in the missions to the Moon and radio telescopes.

There is a plan to exploit minerals and natural resources on the Moon’s surface, which China would like to use. But this plan could only come to life with an eventual agreement with the extraterrestrial civilization that owns those bases on the Moon. Watch the following video and see for yourself:

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