Cities Filmed On The Dark Side Of The Moon During NASA Mission

The following video that you are about to see has been deemed classified by NASA themselves as they will not allow anyone but officially elected personnel to know this through and through. It has even been stated that casualties could be caused by the leakage of this footage and yet we will not allow that rumor to stand in our way.

The main gist of it is the fact that it is all a part of the mysterious “Syn 25” mission which, in case you didn’t know, took place back in 1968 and it was NASA’s 25th consecutive secret mission to the Moon.

This is where they came across what appears to be cities of over 500,000 years old by now. Not only that, but the cities were also built using advanced technology, to begin with, which already makes this scary enough as is.

The fact that the Moon was ruled by an ancient alien race all along is strange enough, but why would they hide this information from us, to begin with? Many believe that they are using this as a pretext to not come back when in reality we are all just scared of what the aliens would do to us if they found us on their planet again.

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