Elon Musk Reveals He is Working on a Project That Will Merge the Brain With a Computer – To be Released in late 2021

Elon Musk is no stranger to controversies as he has made quite a few strange statements in the past, to say the least. Recently however he’s made an even more shocking one than his usual spiel, as he claimed that he will actually release a Neuralink interface system by 2021 which will allow our human brains to completely merge with an AI.

According to Elon, the only logical way to evolve anymore is to go from a physical level to a technological one, as a symbiosis with AI seems the most logical to him.

He has poured millions if not billions into this project and he believes that he is on the right track towards the future. It will take only a few years or so according to Elon, at most 3-4 years to be precise, with the closest date being next year, by 2021.

He talked more in-depth about this on June 17th during a digital meeting with some of the smartest people of our generation, stating that it will be listed off on the market by 2021.

By pouring our consciousness into a robot and assimilating it with the AI he believes that we will reach our next step in evolution, essentially becoming living cyborgs.

The only problem with this theory that was brought up in the meeting too is the irreparable damage that the brain will sustain from this experiment. We cannot expect an “undo” button after all.


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