Footage Showing Soldiers Talking About Alien Beings, UFOs And Majestic 12

As the title suggests, this recent video was actually leaked from the US army itself. The video shows us what appears to be a military base and more specifically a soldier that is drawing and telling his cadets everything that he knows about the UFOs that have been plaguing humanity for so long now.

The video has now gone viral and we can only hope that the soldier responsible for the video here wasn’t harmed in any way because of it.

The soldiers portrayed here are obviously quite familiar with what they’re speaking of, as they talk very openly about their experiences with UFOs and alien beings, including going as far as to talk about how they’ve been spotted around the military base recently.

You can even see one of them draw up the face of one of these aliens and the spaceship that it travels in. One of them even speaks of the mysterious Majestic 12 program which shows us the fact that they know their stuff quite well.

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