Former USAF Colonel talk about UFOs and what occurred during Apollo 13 (VIDEO)

When it comes to astronauts, it’s funny only a small handful attract public coverage, and it’s typically those that want to discredit the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon.

On the other side, we have a multitude of astronauts, maybe more than 50% of them in the United States, who have told the world that they know for a fact that UFOs are actual, and that some of them are being powered by beings from somewhere else in the universe.

Why is it that these astronauts may not get much coverage, why are their statements not deemed true, and why are the astronauts who immediately debunk these arguments believed? Definitely unusual to say the least.

The video below, though is not from an astronaut, but from Colonel Ross Dedrickson’s testimony. His evidence, as well as his obituary statements:

“He has been appointed to the US Atomic Energy Board. A lengthy career with the Energy Commission from 1950-1958 included contract management duties at test sites in Nevada, Pacific Nuclear Test Area west of Hawaii, nuclear arms production and quality assurance in Albuquerque, and review of nuclear and non-nuclear installations around the world.

“He served with the 5th Air Force in Japan and later as ranking Colonel, Officer in Charge of the Pacific Unified Command (TM) alternative “Command and Control Base” in Hawaii. In 1962, he was moved to the Cannon Air Force Base, Clovis, New Mexico, and worked as Deputy for Material for the 832 Air Division. In 1964, he resigned from the USAF.”

Have we gone to the Moon? We’ve published a variety of posts about why we believe like we do but the official tale we’re given about the Moon doesn’t really add up. Sources for these statements come from inside the sector as well as from military officials to retired NASA staff, intelligence officers, etc. Colonel Dedrickson is a prime example of this.

Made famous with Hollywood, Apollo 13 became regarded as a trip to the Moon that faced technological problems, making it challenging and nearly unlikely for the craft to come home. In Dedrickson’s view:

“The spacecraft went to retrieve Apollo 13, and they joined Apollo 13 in their trip back to Earth across the Surface. And they felt on two occasions that they would have to move the crew to their spaceship, however they saw them safely back to Earth.”

In the interview below, he offers a lot of detail, so take what you want from it. I wrote an article before this one regarding his claims that extraterrestrials will not enable nuclear bombs to be exploded on the Moon for our own scientific measurements, these remarks are also from this interview.

The takeaway point is that we are not isolated and that this issue is evolving out of the dubious domain every single year. The consequences of ET transparency are massive, it really does alter things and it asks a lot of concerns.

Our civilization can operate with full honesty, and anonymity is just for those with selfish desires to hide.

Metaphysical and spiritual ramifications, such as scientific ones, are what awaits when complete transparency takes place. Whether we will make the right improvements inside to become more peaceful people.


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