He Is The Man Who Time Traveled In 2137 And Spend 2 Years There

l Bielek is by far one of the most interesting men of our generation. He has been telling the story of his experience working for the US government since 1943 during which he allegedly ended up undergoing several time-traveling missions. During one of these missions, he claims to have gone through a technical problem which resulted in him being thrown into the year 2137 where he was forced to spend 2 whole years. His depiction of the future is quite grim, but despite how much people have been trying to force him to admit that he’s telling lies he’s never strayed away from telling people the ugly truth that they don’t wish to acknowledge.

He’s predicted multiple events which took place years after he claimed to know about them and he’s also talked a lot about the Montauk project which he was a part of. In case you didn’t know already, the Montauk project took place back in 1943 which is when he was accidentally sent to the year 2137 by the USS Eldridge. He underwent a ton of secret missions including a Mind Control program which he led himself and he’s even claimed to have had a lot of missions alongside Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols. Last but not least he also talked about his many travels to Mars and at one point he’s even declared that our civilization will decrease in numbers exponentially. Check out the following video for his actual statements:

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