History should be rewritten – Ancient fortress discovered in Antarctica (video)

This huge castle has recently been found in Antarctica. Many scholars claim that more study of the building may suggest the hidden past behind Antarctica and the ancient civilization that existed here in ancient times.

As far as we can see, the castle appears a lot like a feudal building, and it may be a fort of some type in which maybe aliens or an ancient civilization lived.

Needless to say, if proved to be genuine, historians are going to have a field day with it, to say the least.

Because this is Antarctica, we’re talking of a place where we can’t just walk around the place they see it and check it ourselves. The shot here was captured by the satellite photos of Google Earth, and it’s really doubtful that what we’re staring at here isn’t the remains of anything old.

Any researchers have argued that this may very well be a sastruga, which would mean that this is yet another normal occurrence triggered by the thunderstorm of cold air, but the symmetry of it all also poses a number of concerns, to say the least.

We still need to note that over time, we have also discovered several ancient structures in Antarctica that seem to be related to this ancient culture that most definitely existed here until it even transformed into a frozen continent that we know today.


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