Horned Human Skulls Uncovered in Pennsylvania – Demons, Children of Nephilim, or Something else?

Any very unusual fossils were found in Bradford City, Pennsylvania, towards the end of the 19th century. Any of the skulls discovered there were unusual horns protruding from their foreheads.

Apart from the horns, the skeletons had a different peculiarity. They belonged to men who were seven foot tall. They were buried in the 13th century according to DNA studies.

The burial mound was inadvertently found by three explorers hunting for certain Native American bodies. The skeletons were sent to Philadelphia for further study and were subsequently revealed to the museum.

Some conspirators claim that this society was that of the so-called Nephilim, also regarded as the “Shining Ones.” These communities decorated their heads with horns to indicate that they were ancestors of the Atlanteans.

There are several northern American tribes who identify and speak about a mythical group of giants that used to dwell in North American territory. These giants were claimed to have lived in the land well before the native Americans.

Who do you think these skeletons are, and who do they belong to?


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