Huge Pyramid Hidden in Antarctica Discovered by History Channel

History Channel has an amazing TV show named Ancient Aliens that we highly recommend you check out if you want to see some of the most unbiased alien content you could ever see on TV. If that isn’t enough to win you over you should know that the producers of the show, while looking into Antarctica for their new episode, stumbled upon quite the discovery, to say the least.

At first, they didn’t know what they were looking at, only to then realize that a huge pyramid was sunken halfway through the snow of Antarctica all along.

Joseph White is the man we need to credit for this discovery, him and his crew, as they analyzed the satellite photos and made the discovery themselves almost overnight.

The pyramid is obviously artificial in nature, we know this because it has the exact angles of a typical pyramid including its shape and all.

Since it is his job to do so, he immediately declared that this pyramid was built originally by an extraterrestrial civilization of some sort, but there is also a possibility that the ancient people that lived in Antarctica before it became the frozen land it is today were the original constructors all along.

If they can get there themselves, Joseph believes that they can actually prove the fact that the pyramid is at least 12 million years old, which would make it clearly the oldest pyramid ever discovered and more importantly, most likely yet another alien construction from ancient times.

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