Huge Underground Ancient City Discovered In Tiwanaku, Bolivia

Researchers recently discovered a gigantic city that is made up of multiple dwellings and buildings that actually stretches out for 2000 acres or 78- hectares underneath the soil.

This huge area was discovered underneath Tiwanaku, Bolivia and it was only possible thanks to the use of drones and satellites as many researchers have claimed the underground to be maze-like and very easy to get lost in.

The budget for the satellites and drones was taken care of by a partnership between Japan and UNESCO who both wanted to see what lied below Bolivia. Bolivia is quite a popular tourist destination for foreigners, and Tiwanaku has always been one of its main attractions.

It is located around 45 miles away from La Paz and it was officially declared World Heritage Site as of the year 2000. The main reason as to why it is such an interesting spot is because the official Tiwanakian civilization started in 1580 BC and was completely eradicated by 1200 AD thanks to the many significant climatic changes and the diseases that emerged at that time.

They are considered to be the oldest civilization in South America, far more ancient than the Quechuas and the Aimaras for example. Article by True Blog.

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