Infected back cyst. Dr Khaled Sadek

hasn’t discharged anything at all um not recently no recently okay i’m gonna do first of all just clean it okay and then anesthetic coming in okay it’s gonna sting a little bit but it should be all right whereabouts is battledon um in f6 essex you got a hospital there when you basildon hospital yeah i’d live quite close to the hospital yeah doing really really well it’s the worst part and you’re doing fantastic well done sorry if you got that on camera after everyone’s been swearing today ruined all the conversations okay uh oh so much stuff comes out i’m sorry that’s all right don’t be sorry about it i’m gonna get this haven’t we it’s that haven’t we one way or another we like it we like it don’t we yeah uh just all the debris coming out there wow there’s a big one how long is it there for i’d say probably about three years three years why don’t you get it done sooner you watch all the videos i know but i never thought that it would get to this point you wanted to be a star on the show obviously yeah it is subconscious you’re like

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