Is The Famous Baltic Sea Anomaly Really An Ancient Crashed UFO?

The Baltic Sea Anomaly was originally uncovered back in 2011 by Ocean-X and according to them, it might be what appears to be a crashed UFO of some sort.

Often referred to as one of the most mysterious discoveries of all time, the Baltic Sea Anomaly was discovered around 300ft below water level near the coast off of Sweden. The divers that actually went down to see it immediately stated that they couldn’t believe their own eyes.

It’s a 180ft in diameter object that appears to be artificial in nature. It was originally discovered on June 19th by Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg and according to them, it appears to resemble the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. The official report from the two stated that they accidentally came across what appears to be an ancient spaceship or a massive ship used in secret during WWII.

Many disputed that this formation is nothing more than just a massive rock, but the divers quickly stated that it also had what appeared to be a staircase of some sort at the bottom and an entrance inside.

Volker Bruchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University looked it over and stated that it appears to belong to the Ice Age. He is also one of the skeptics that don’t believe it to be an alien construct, and as a result of this he urged the team to get back down there and collect more samples. Article by Ancient Blog.

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