‘It’s all a game, we’re in the Matrix’ – Last words of tech CEO before she was found dead

Parents of the tech CEO who was found dead say their daughter suffered a bizarre psychotic episode before disappearing.

They told authorities that their daughter had a bizarre behavior in her last phone calls.

Among the strange things she said was this phrase: “it’s all a game, we’re in the matrix”.

Erin Valenti was a successful tech CEO. And she never had any mental problems. In her family, there was no precedent for mental illness. Unfortunately, Erin Valenti was found dead on the backseat of the rented car, in a residential street in San Jose’s quiet Almaden neighborhood. This happened only after 5 days from the date when she was declared missing.

In the last moments of her life, Erin Valenti had told a friend that she could not find her rented car.

After she found her car she called her mother and father to carry on a normal conversation, which later turned into an extremely bizarre conversation. Erin’s father told how his daughter was talking ‘a mile a minute’ and it made no sense. Her mother told us how talking to her daughter was disturbing. ‘Her thoughts were disconnected… She was saying come home for Thanksgiving, then in the next, she was saying in the Matrix’. Erin was supposed to go to Utah where she would be awarded “women in tech”. But unfortunately, this event did not happen anymore because Erin missed the flight. Valenti is said to have told her mother, ‘It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment: we’re in the Matrix.’

Erin’s husband, Harrison Weinstein, a renowned psychologist tried to locate him using “find my phone app” but this method failed. Erin Valenti said among the last conversations with her parents she ran out of gas. Then a San Jose policeman called the same night. But the policeman said she was ‘making any sense’. Later the policeman tried to find Erin but without success.

Angry that the police have not yet found his wife, Harrison Weinstein created a Facebook page called ‘Help Find Erin Valenti’, where about 1500 people started looking for Erin. One of the volunteers found Erin’s lifeless body on the backseat of her car. The car is half a mile away from Erin’s last known location. Authorities refused to make statements and San Jose police spokesman declined to give details of the cause of death. Erin Valenti’s death raises many questions. But I can’t stop thinking about her last words… ‘It’s all a game, it’s a thought experiment: we’re in the Matrix’. Article by True Blog.

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