Lady Gaga: I Deeply Regret Selling My Soul To The Illuminati Society

Recently, Lady Gaga took courage and began to talk openly about her relationship with the secret organization Illuminati.

According to Lady Gaga, the chronic illness she is experiencing is one of the consequences of her struggle with the evil forces that have slowly started to take control of her body.

Gaga made the mistake of selling her soul and joining the famous Illuminati organization when she was young. She would have made this pact for fame and money.

It seems that shortly after Lady Gaga joined this organization, she was possessed by an evil spirit.

The artist even resorted to an exorcism in the hope of getting rid of this pain but unfortunately, without success.

It all started when Lady Gaga was a young singer, unknown. After a small concert, she was approached by a strange man.

He asked her directly and coldly if she was ready and had everything she needed to accept the deal. Gaga asked the mysterious man what he meant when talking about that pact.

The man replied: “Everything, success, money fame …” Shortly after Lady Gaga accepted the pact, she sold her soul but became a world-class star in record time. I guess you know that Lady Gaga was an unknown artist who only sang at small events before making this pact. Watch the following video and see for yourself:

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