Matilda McElroy Is The Nurse Who Communicated With The Only Survivor Of Roswell UFO Crash – This is how it happened

This curious tale was written back in 2008, but it is still little documented even among ufologists.

It was narrated by a well-educated and trained woman named Matilda McElroy, who supposedly saw the bodies of aliens in Roswell, and also contacted one of them telepathically.

In December 2020, History Channel launched a 3-episode documentary focused on the diaries of military officer Jesse Marcel Sr., who was the same man who headed the inquiry of the mysterious incident at Roswell in July 1947.

In his observations, Marcel points out, in particular, that the fragments contained in New Mexico “are simply not produced by human hands.”

After the success of this film, the Roswell incident caught the spotlight again, and then some researchers “discovered” Roswell’s earlier secret tale about a nurse who telepathically contacted the only alien survivor of a UFO accident.

Matilda O’Donnell McElroy was the oldest Sergeant of the Women’s Army Medical Division. In 2007, 83-year-old Matilda called ufologist Laurence Spencer and informed him that she didn’t want to carry her to the cemetery.

A lot of people have been killed to rule out the prospect of unveiling the knowledge that I have helped shield from society so far. Perhaps a tiny number of individuals on Earth have seen and learned what I’ve been supposed to keep hidden for 60 years.

“All these years, I thought that the ‘powers that be’ in our government gave me much trust, even though I always suspected that the authorities were really wrong, believing that their goal was to protect humanity from the knowledge that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms not only exist but continue to exist and continue to aggressively control and invade any human life on Earth every day.

The woman said she told her tale only because she wishes to die by euthanasia, and she has little to risk.

According to Matilda, in July 1947, she was the driver of a car that drove a certain military officer, Cavitt, to the accident site of an unspecified entity, and she was specially sent there as a professional and experienced military nurse.

As Matilda and the officer appeared at the collision site in the New Mexico Desert, the woman saw the remains of a mysterious ship and the corpses of two aliens.

One of them was dead and the other was living and conscious.

When Matilda attempted to talk to a live stranger, she unexpectedly started to collect “mental visions” from the extraterrestrial species, which she perceived as an effort at telepathic contact.

When Matilda informed Officer Cavitt about this, he wanted to pursue this encounter and delegated Matilda to the alien so that she might follow her and speak with her, giving a complete description of what she might tell or show to Matilda.

Because of this, the woman was even elevated, and her pay rose. In the more “translation” phase, Matilda discovered that the remaining alien was female and that her name was Airl (Airl).

“Our communication was not a colloquial speech in the common context. Indeed, the body of the alien did not even have a mouth to talk with. Our contact has been via telepathy. At first, I couldn’t grasp Airl clearly. I could see thoughts, feelings, and impressions, but it was difficult for me to articulate them orally.

Once Airl knew English, she was able to concentrate her attention more precisely on the symbols and interpretations of words that I might recognize. Learning English has been a big favor to me. It was more for me than it was for her.”

The alien informs Matilda that their trip to Earth was expeditionary in nature and that she was a naval officer, a pilot, and an architect. She said their center is named the Expeditionary Force and is situated in the Asteroid Belt. Matilda characterized the presence of Airl as a humanoid creature whose body was the size of an infant.

However, it was not a physical entity, but rather a biorobot-avatar, the tissues of which were composed of plastic substance and the body of which may be inhabited by a higher-order being – a real alien.

Matilda noticed that Airl did not provide her any detail about her language or the position of her home world. She was unaware about the motives of the army and, as a result, she refused to reveal any sensitive details to people. The nurse considered this a serious warning, that if aliens are not healthy on Earth, that might be a huge issue for humans.

Airl called her civilisation very strong, incredibly ancient, and, above all, her only purpose was to make change.

When Matilda asked Airl how long she had been exploring Earth, she said, “LONG BEFORE HUMAN APPEARANCE.”

And Matilda heard the following thing:

“The Earth is a tiny world on the side in a star of the galaxy. This leaves the Earth very physically distant from the more concentrated celestial cultures that live closer to the middle of the galaxy. These clear realities have rendered the Earth appropriate only for use as a zoological or botanical garden or for current use. As a jail, but nothing more.

About 30,000 years ago, the Earth started to be used as a landfill and jail for all alien creatures that were branded prisoners or non-conformists. These monsters were caught, electronically trapped, and shipped to Earth from different areas of the Old Empire. The underwater stations where these animals have been (or are still) set up on Mars and the Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France) and in the Steppes of Mongolia.”

Matilda spoke a lot to Airl, but at some stage the alien “died,” that is, the alien left her avatar body. The tale of Matilda was written in Spencer’s 2008 novel, Interview with Aliens.

However, for whatever reason, the novel did not become a sort of special surprise, and the tale of Matilda was never especially reliable.


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