Mummy of 11,5-Feet-Tall and Two-Headed Giant Discovered in Patagonia

The story of the Kap Dwa, the two-headed Giant is by far one of the most mysterious tales you’ll hear all day. Ranging in at 3.5 meters tall, this Giant was supposedly discovered in Patagonia but there are a ton of mysteries surrounding its discovery, to say the least.

The original story that was sold to the locals is that back in 1673 a huge two-headed Giant attacked a group of Spanish mariners and was defeated by them.

Using their brains, they overcame the Giant’s pure brawn and managed to imprison it in their cage. Fearing what it might do when it escapes, they decided to stab it in its sleep.

It was mummified later on and sent to London where it was discovered in the 19th century.

While on the shores of the Birnbeck Harbor back in 1914 it created a lot of fuzz as many people came from hundreds and thousands of miles away to see the strange mummy. It carried on that way until 1959 came about when Lord Thomas Howard purchased it from the locals.

The body of the Kap Dwa is, to this day in Gerber’s collection, but Gerber has stated on multiple occasions that the story was fabricated and that the truth is a bit different.

He allegedly came across it himself on the shores of a beach from Paraguay, not Patagonia. The body was also allegedly mummified by the locals and brought to England by George Bickle to a museum in Blackpool. Afterward, it was taken to Baltimore.

Regardless of which story you wish to believe, the truth is indisputable, this creature lived hundreds of years ago on our planet.


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