NASA in Troubles: Chinese Space Mission Proves The US Never Went to the Moon

The theory that the Moon landing was faked all along has been plausible ever since the accused Moon landing happened in 1969.

It is said that the US Government specifically lied about having set foot on the Moon in order to beat Russia’s space program team and establish themselves as the superior team.

But, recently the Chinese have stepped foot on the Moon themselves with their unmanned probe named Chang’e 3.

After the 13 days trip to the Moon eventually ended the footage also returned soon after and to everyone’s surprise, it proves the fact that the US never stepped on the Moon themselves.

As you can see in the pictures below, the National Space Administration of China posted these pictures of the Moon’s soil, and according to them it’s not grey after all, it’s brown.

Experts have claimed that this is the first time we’ve spotted the real color of the surface of the Moon.

A Russian portal called “Vesti” also reported that China doesn’t just wish to walk on the Moon, they wish to colonize it and turn it into a death star where they will commence with large-scale ballistic tests and have that become their primary base for space exploration missions.

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