NASA Was Accused of Cutting Live ISS Feed Right After UFOs Hover in Sight

Has NASA been secretly hiding the real footage of UFOs from us all along? UFO hunter Toby Lundh certainly thinks so as he recently uncovered yet another sighting in NASA’s International Space Station live feed before they cut off to a blank screen and most likely played a loop of the past footage to cover for the appearance of the UFO. The cut lasted a good 10 to 15 seconds and since the UFO appears to be coming straight towards the ISS the chances of it actually disappearing so quickly are beyond low to say the least.

In an interview with Disclose.TV, Lundh actually brought up the fact that he’s spotted many sightings through their live feed over the years and that the result is always the same, they always cut to blank before you can properly see the object.

He brought forwards this picture in particular of a recent encounter that he caught on tape. You can see that this strange purple UFO emerged out of nowhere and that it strangely resembles the Starfleet Insignia from Star Trek. He issued that NASA needs to be put down for their abuse of power, but to everyone’s surprise it was actually Streetcap1 that came to defend NASA this day.

That’s right, the famous YouTuber Streetcap1 actually came forth to state that this could just be the Moon we’re looking at from a distance as it does appear to be all white for the most part. Who’s side are you on?

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