Nikola Tesla Did an Experiment: “I was able to see the past, present, and future at the same time”

Being an inventor, physicist, and mechanical-electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla is one of the biggest promoters of commercial electricity. His work is the basis of the modern knowledge we have today in the field of electricity.

Maybe some of you already know, but this famous physicist was especially crazy about time travel and investigating them, even trying to make his own time travel car. Not only did he try, but he also claims that his invention was a total success, seeing the future, the present, and the past with it.

And not only he, including Albert Einstein, gave the public a paper in which he claimed that this journey to other times is possible. This work aroused grief, but also astonishment in the scientific community.

According to some reports, Nikola made a discovery in 1895 and suggested that space and time could be altered by magnetic fields. Discovery that could bring some explanations for the fact that some of Nikola’s experiments used radio frequencies.

These experiments are said to have led to the Philadelphia event.

The Philadelphia Experiment is described in legends as the successful accomplishment of the transformation of a submarine question called the Eldridge USS from visible to invisible for a period of time.

The United States has denied that such an experiment would have happened to them whenever they had the opportunity. It is possible that Nikola Tesla solved this mystery, still incomprehensible to man to this day.

Nikola Tesla was a genius. If he had not been censored, we could have been traveling between the stars by now.


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