Proof that Ancient Anunnaki Manipulated Our DNA

As we all know by now humanity had its ups and downs throughout ancient history, but every now and then we find ourselves stumbling upon a discovery that completely offsets our perception of life back then. On the one hand, you have a steady increase in technology advancements and then all of a sudden you find advanced technology that will not be available for at least 5000 years into the future. This is where the Anunnaki clearly came into the picture.

This is essentially common knowledge by now, but it should be pretty obvious that they did interfere with us considering the fact that we allegedly just came up with all of that revolutionary technology and immediately forgot about it conveniently enough as soon as they left us to be on our own. Another important theory to address is the one that states that they manipulated man’s DNA too while they were amongst us. We have basic proof of this when we notice the fact that in Sumerian times and even in Egyptian times they knew nothing about genetics or about what really happened inside of the human body, simply put they did not have the means to research the human body and yet they had dozens of tablets explaining DNA as best as they could without even having a machine to help them along the way.

How did they know? Obviously enough, the same children know nowadays. With the help of teachers, the teachers in this case being the Anunnaki themselves.

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