Pyramids Twice As Old As The Egyptian Ones Discovered In Russia

Recently discovered in the Kola Peninsula located in Russia, these pyramids could be the necessary proof to be able to state that, someday, a new ancient civilization would have lived on that territory. According to the antiquity of the pyramids, this civilization seems to have been much older compared to the Egyptian one.

Even if the answer to the question of who could have built these architectural splendors has not been found, according to researchers and archaeologists, the pyramids are at least twice as old as those discovered in Egypt.

Even more, it is suggested that the oldest civilization that inhabited the Earth had the territory of the Kola Peninsula, based on the plates of the pyramids. These stone slabs are more than 40,000 years old.

As a matter of fact, the researcher of Russian origin Vladimir Demin was found dead after making an expedition in this peninsula in Russia.

Speaking of experts in Kola, they were not easy since the locals never wanted to guide the scientists and the road was extremely difficult, even if they had help, for them. This is how another expedition attempt ended when its conductor disappeared and was not found.
Researchers believe that pyramids are a way of observing the sky and being able to study it, even more, they have a shape very similar to Mount Meru, a mountain that is very often mentioned in separate mythologies or religious texts.

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