Recently Discovered Russian Pyramids Are Twice As Old As The Egyptian Pyramids

An insane discovery was made recently in the Kola Peninsula which might prove that there once lived an ancient civilization on the territory of Russia thousands of years before that of Egypt. After seeing the two mountain-sized constructs, the team of archaeologists that took over this project came out to state that they are at the very least two times older than the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

The funny thing is that these pyramids were known for quite some time, but because of how large and old they are most people actually believed they were mountains all along. They were originally discovered by the team of archaeologists after they came across a couple of stone slabs which told of the existence of these Russian pyramids. According to the slabs, the Russian pyramids appear to date back to anywhere between 9,000 and 40,000 years old by now.

In order to make sure that they weren’t walking inside of another random mountain full of perils, the team of archaeologists used a revolutionary piece of equipment known as “The Eye”. This is a type of a georadar that looked inside of the pyramids before they could get inside which confirmed to them that the pyramids were hollow on the inside out. Article by Ancient Blog.

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