Researchers Claim There Is A Different World Under Antarctica’s Thick Ice

A recent discovery was made by the Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling Project, also known as WISSARD in Antarctica. Thanks to the funding that was allocated by the National Science Foundation, now we have real proof of huge wetlands underneath the ice of western Antarctica. This has been a conspiracy theory for the longest of times now but now we finally have proof to back it all up too. They had to sonar it in at around 2,700 feet below the ice level, but eventually, they came across this insane discovery.

The team now hopes that with time they’ll be able to do more, but for the moment all they can do is wait and see if an opening emerges anywhere. Since the sea levels are rising though and the ice is decreasing in size it appears as though it won’t be long before it breaks down and we get to see what lies underneath it all. The most common theory is that there is an underworld underneath the ice from Antarctica, some even believe that this is where the entrance to the Inner Earth is according to the Hollow Earth theory. Regardless, we don’t know anything as of yet except for the fact that we finally have the proof that we needed all along, now we know for an absolute fact that there is an underground space right underneath the ice.

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