Researchers Discovered 2 Massive Crystal Pyramids On The Bottom of The Ocean Floor in The Bermuda Triangle

Researchers verify two massive Crystal pyramids on the bottom of the ocean floor in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Discovered at a depth of over 2000 meters, these two almost identical pyramids measure around 300 meters at the base on each side and over 200 meters tall, making them both larger than any of the pyramids in the Giza Plateau. Prior to us and French researchers verifying their existence back in 2012, there had been whispers of these Crystal pyramids since 1960, when a gentleman named Dr. Brown claims to have spotted them while diving in the Bahamas looking for the Bimini wall.

So the big question, could these pyramids be the reason for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle? Researchers have been working diligently to figure that out, but currently have no idea. But they did state that when they first discovered the pyramids, they noticed each of them had two massive holes in the top and that a vast amount of water was being moved through each of them, creating a double Helix powerful enough cause rogue waves. I’m going to say that again because when I first heard it, it blew my mind. From a depth of 2000 meters, these pyramids are displacing enough water to create rogue waves and mist at the surface. So I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, yes, they have everything to do with the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. And with the recent nearby discovery of some pyramidal ruins located just off the West Coast of Cuba, many speculate that the Crystal pyramids and these ruins are remnants of the Atlantean culture.

Yes, you heard me right. Atlantis. And what’s more, mind-boggling. I recently read some text stating the origins of the first flood. And it’s not the biblical flood that I speak of. This flood would take place about 11000 years ago. At this time, the Egyptian culture was in its early stages, and they were being groomed by the higher beings. And what they were being groomed to do would eventually be to take over and guarding the Sphere of Amenti.

See, about 500 years earlier, the Syrian Annunaki built the Giza pyramids, and this was meant to protect the Sphere of Amenti, also known as the Ark of the Covenant. That’s also why they built the Sphinx, to protect the inner Earth entrance and the universal records from the Draconian Anunnaki and the Atlanteans. It not only protected those, but the AC energy sources as well. These were fifth dimension antigravity tools. And that’s how they displaced those big stones for the pyramids. And after building the Sphinx and the pyramids, they didn’t allow not only the Atlanteans and the Draconian Annunaki, but they forbid a faction, known as the Templar Anew from entering as well. And this angered all three of them. So they got together and formed a rebellion which would eventually lead to it. 9500 BC, the Atlanteans making an attempt to get into the inner Earth and break the shield by harvesting the Earth Power Crystal grid. But it backfires blew up and cause a flood.

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