Russia Leaks “Antarctica is NOT what we’ve been told!”

Russian sources leaked that Antarctica is not what we originally thought it to be. According to official sources, Russia has been working in tangent with America for a very long time in order to keep the truth behind Antarctica hidden, but alas the truth is finally coming out and it’s better than we could have ever even imagined

A lot of people simply think of Antarctica as the frozen continent, nothing more, and nothing less. They think that it is but your average stone-cold dream location for penguins and polar bears but the truth is far more interesting.

Underneath Antarctica, there is another continent that we have yet to explore. A lot of theories sprung out of this idea alone, but now that we’ve finally gotten confirmation of its existence we can finally discuss the facts behind it all.

Besides this amazing discovery, there are also hundreds of lakes that run with freshwater underneath the ice of Antarctica, sustaining dozens of creatures that are believed to be impossible to find on the frozen continent.

The most massive discovery in this area has definitely been Organism 46b though, aka a massive squid that has been believed to be extinct for well over 1000 years now.

This has sprung open the box full of questions such as “What else are America and Russia hiding from us?” and of course “What other ancient creatures lie underneath the desolate lands of Antarctica?”


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