Russia Tells The World That Antarctica Is NOT What Is Seems

Russian intelligence recently issued a statement in which they stated that Antarctica is not what it appears to be. Despite the fact that Russia and the US might seem like they are at each other’s throats it is blatantly obvious that in reality, they work together to preserve the secrets that Antarctica has to hold.

Despite the fact that there have been plenty of theories backing this exact idea up in the past there has never been substantial evidence behind it, until recently. As mentioned previously, Russia themselves reported that there’s something big underneath Antarctica, and according to most experts it appears like the ancient Lost City of Atlantis might reside here after all.

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The statement declared that there is a huge hollow husk underneath the ice of Antarctica which is believed to be the entrance to the incredible Lost City of Antarctica. We know this because according to them they already tried to inspect it themselves in the past only to lose plenty of lives in the process.

The expedition wasn’t fruitless though as it appears as though they came across a never-before-seen creature that they named Organism 46B here. This venomous creature can paralyze its prey and then attack it regardless of its age. The more we find out about Antarctica the crazier it gets it seems, and that’s a fact.

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