Scientists Are Trying to Clone Jesus Christ Using Ancient DNA

This strange new experiment was actually reported not too long ago as one of the richest Christian organizations out there recently came out with a jarring announcement as they will apparently attempt to clone Jesus back into our universe. As strange as this may sound, the Jesus Has Returned Project is not as crazy as it may seem, since it does have its basis in scientific research, to begin with.

The group is going to take samples from some of the most important relics from Jesus’s own time in an attempt to completely recreate the body and mind of the Lord himself. The Shroud of Turin has already tested positive for having actual incorrupt DNA inside which could in turn be transferred into an unfertilized human egg. This in itself doesn’t sound like much, but through a process known as symbiotic cellular transfer, this new egg is going to be successfully implanted into a virgin woman that will in turn actually give birth to the Second Coming of Christ altogether.

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