Scientists Have Identified Where Alien Beings Might Be Watching Us From

re we being observed by extraterrestrials? Humans have been searching for extraterrestrial and planet life beyond Earth for decades.

This Is How Aliens Might Search for Human Life | WIRED

Now, scientists have compiled a list of planets from which interested aliens may observe our planet if they exist. According to a recent study, there could be as many as 29 potentially livable worlds ‘ideally positioned’ where extraterrestrials have been studying Earth for 5,000 years.

Until Recently, People Accepted the 'Fact' of Aliens in the Solar System - Scientific  American

This would allow aliens to detect not only evidence of life in our planet’s atmosphere, but also listen to transmissions from the previous century, as commercial radio stations on Earth began transmitting into space around a century ago. This means that an alien culture 82 light-years away would only be able to hear broadcasts from the start of WWII. Video:

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