Space X CEO Elon Musk Said That Aliens Live Among Us

Elon Musk is currently living the dream, being so rich and powerful that no matter what he says people will believe in him regardless. This is why so many Ufologists around the globe respect him because he is not afraid of speaking his mind even if it costs him his credibility. But, because of his outward nature regarding conspiracy theories and his joking manner, there are quite a few theories out there about him too. For example, there is one that states that he himself is an alien that was banished to Earth and is trying to get back to his home planet. That is why he’s trying so hard to establish a base on Mars so he can go there himself.

But that’s a theory for another day as today we will be referring to his most recent controversial statement which saw him declare that aliens obviously live amongst us at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

He made jokes about the theory we mentioned before, stating that he is not an alien but also mentioning that he can’t prove it either.

He even mentioned how if he really came from Mars why would he want to go back? Seems like the planet doesn’t want him in the first place. He is definitely enemy number one for most science-based organizations out there, but that is why he also has so many fans. Let’s be honest here, he’s a really charming billionaire with a clear goal ahead, and we can only respect him for this.

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