Strange mythical flying beings seen in the sky – “The Egyptian Gods are returning”, some people claim (video)

Strange occurrences in the sky have been recorded in recent years, with China being one of the countries where many of these sightings occurred.

People in various parts of China reported a phenomena that scared them to death. Strange buildings in the sky emerged and were dubbed “ghost cities” by locals.

They’ve also managed to capture the presence of three suns, also known as “God’s eyes.”

Some visitors were sailing on a lake in China when they looked up to the sky and saw a mysterious structure appear over their heads, according to a video posted online.

In the distance, a figure that looked like wings emerged, and a larger creature appeared to be covered in thorns. More floating points emerge as the ship approaches.

Many speculated that it might be a divine representation of the heavenly world, which according to many scriptures is the highest level of Heaven.


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