The Ancient Anunnaki Gods Are Coming Back To Earth – Pentagon Leak In Epic Interview

The Anunnaki are amongst some of the strangest and most popular deities that mythology has ever uncovered. They originate back to the ancient Sumerian times, and according to their lore, these creatures created humankind only to be their slave laborers.

They supposedly lived on Earth well over 432,000 years ago and the ancient Sumerian tales speak of how they were immortal and extremely wise.

Recently however a Pentagon whistleblower came out with the following statement: The Anunnaki are coming back.

He didn’t wish to let himself be known because leaking such information would possibly mean that he’d get in serious trouble, but he did declare to the interviewers that they will soon return to Earth. According to the ancient Sumerian tablets, they can control and manipulate humanity at will and if they are coming back that means they’ve run out of the resources that they collected from us many thousands of years ago and they’re coming back for more.

Nibiru, the planet that they inhabit, doesn’t have an atmosphere so they are damaged by the cosmic radiation which phases through their bodies. In order to fight it, they collect gold and other minerals in and spread them into the air. This is why they originally came to Earth, and it is also most likely why they are returning. Check out the following videos and see for yourself.

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