The Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Were Actually Alien Beings

There is a lot of proof to be found backing up the theory that the ancient Egyptian civilization was actually governed over by aliens throughout history.

There are literally hundreds of texts which speak of how these aliens came to them 5,000 years ago or so to rule over them and help them establish themselves as the powerhouse of a civilization that they are today.

We know this to be true from the Stonehenge itself. In case you didn’t know already, the Stonehenge is a sort of a celestial calendar which, although we haven’t been able to decipher it altogether, there is plenty of proof out there that states that it relates to the aliens and the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The ancient Vimanas are also proof of this too. These Indian tales speak of those same aliens coming from the sky and leading the people on many occasions.

The Great Temple of Hathor proves this too, as on its ceiling you can actually find an incredible celestial image of an alien.

As far as astronomy goes, the ancient Egyptians were unmatched to say the least, since we’ve discovered inscriptions relating to this topic on the Great Temple of Hathor that literally will not be invented for at least three millennia into the future.

There are also these depictions of electric lightbulbs that we’ve uncovered from over 3,000 years before Nikola Tesla invented electricity and as we all know by now the ancient pharaohs which were considered Gods among men and women would have elongated heads to resemble the alien civilization too.


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