The Ancient Martian Civilization Was Wiped Out by a Nuclear Attack From Another Alien Race – Physicist Claims

This recent statement was actually issued by none other than John Brandenburg himself, one of the most famous plasma physicists of our generation. He has his degree from UC Davis and he is not your average man as he has garnered quite a reputation for himself as one of the most distinguished scientists of our generation altogether.

In this statement, he talked about how Mars was actually murdered altogether by another race, as is made pretty clear by his recent interview with “Supreme Master Television”.

This is where he talked about how the two ancient civilizations from Mars, the Cydonia, and the Utopia both had the same civilization as Egyptians had since they also built pyramids for themselves.

He also talked about how the two massive impact craters on Mars most likely ended life altogether on it, and how these two are too strategically placed here for them to be random altogether.

The fact that they are placed here in this spot clearly proves the fact that whatever other race caused it in the first place knew how to strategically wipe out all life on Mars.

He will be undergoing multiple other interviews at the meeting for the American Physical Society this weekend during which he will most certainly bring in more proof alongside the nuclear “airbursts” that he’s referred to on multiple occasions in the past.

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