The Head of the Ancient Egyptian Sphinx is an Entrance to the Lost City – They Covered The Entrance Recently

In case you didn’t know already, the Great Sphinx was discovered all the way back in 1936 by French archeologist Emile Baguettes.

According to him, the Sphinx was half-buried in the sand and he had heard rumors of a great Library inside of the Sphinx so he definitely was intrigued to find that out too.

Inside of the library, there were hundreds of books and manuscripts that tell the story of these constructions, explaining how Egyptian architecture at its core was nothing more than a mere replica of the architecture from the lost city of Atlantis.

Flash forwards to 1987 when another group of researchers discovered a series of tunnels inside of the Sphinx which were supposedly leading to nowhere, but the researchers weren’t ready to give up on this just yet.

Charles Russel himself explained that there should be a secret chamber inside of the head of the Sphinx, but that it was very well hidden inside.

Later on, another pyramid was discovered underneath the pyramid. This was the tomb of the first ruler of the Egyptian Dynasty, the Pharaoh Menes who was first chosen to rule over Earth.

The more time passes the more we find out about the Great Sphinx, that’s for sure. It’s just strange how they covered the hole on Sphinx’s head.

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