The Head Of The Mysterious Ancient Sphinx Is Actually An Entrance To The Lost City

One of the most jarring discoveries of all time is definitely the Great Sphinx. Arguably the most mysterious of the Egyptian structures we’ve ever uncovered, it was first found by a French archaeologist by the name of Emile Baguettes back in 1936.

He discovered it half-buried in the sand and according to him, he was most excited about the incredible library that was talked about a lot by the locals that pointed him towards where he could find the Sphinx.

Luckily the library inside was filled with hundreds of books and manuscripts which all spoke of the history of the great Egyptian people and how this structure came to be alongside many others.

A secret manuscript however spoke of how the Sphinx was not an original design whatsoever, it spoke of how the architecture was created to mimic the architecture of the Lost City of Atlantis. In 1987 a new set of tunnels was discovered inside of the Sphinx which seemingly led to nowhere.

Many theorized about what secrets the Sphinx could hold, including Charles Russel himself. He believed that there should be a secret chamber somewhere inside of the head of the Sphinx more specifically.

After more research was conducted it was discovered that underneath the Sphinx lied a pyramid which served as the tomb of the first ruler of the Egyptian Dynasty, the Pharaoh Menes.

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