The International Space Station records again a fleet of hundreds of UFOs approaching Earth (video)

We believed, even claimed, for a long time that we aren’t in the world alone and scientists said that there could be hundreds of advanced alien societies not far from earth a few months ago. Some might also be too advanced to interact with us.

A paper reported in the science journal The Astrophysical Journal last June reports that at least 36 extraterrestrial cultures are extremely advanced in the Milky Way, according to scientific experts from the University of Nottingham, Great Britain.

But they go on to claim that the calculation is still conservative: it’s based on the premise that smart life forms as it forms on earth, utilizing what they term the Astrobiological Copernican Limit, on other worlds.

The researchers also hypothesized that the Earth is not a special one if an Earth-like planet developed on a similar orbit around the Sun-like star, hosting a society that evolves technologically similar to humans, our galaxy will have around 36 civilizations.

Those advanced cultures will then transmit messages in time close to humans, such as radio broadcasts from satellites and televisions, and even attempt to locate other life types. So if scientists are so convinced of the alien existence of our galaxy, we may not have shocking footage of hundreds of UFOs driving a fleet that gets above the Planet.

Another UFO Fleet.

The ISS camera has documented in Earth orbit a fleet of over 150 unidentified flying vehicles. However, a similar sighting has not happened for the first time in recent months.

As we published only last April, it was an undetermined location on earth where the ISS was traveling, but hundreds of lights in line appear in our path as the camera has recorded the advance. Planet. Planet.

In August the appearance of some odd lights was reported also by the Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner, who is currently onboard the International Space Station (ISS). The 60-second film, which was taken from the ISS, shows at least five unidentified shapes traveling behind the planet from the viewpoint of Vagner.

During this latest sighting, the ISS camera filmed the arrival of the UFO fleet on the night of 15 November. The appearance of odd artifacts is so numerous in Earth’s orbit that they do not join the field of vision, yet at least more than 150 can be observed.

The cynical Internet users have indicated that these UFO formations are lights of some area, but because ISS flies around the globe in approximately 93 minutes and completes 15.5 orbits every day we should see these forms of so-called City Lights every day, but that isn’t the case.

So it is apparent that the odd light sources are not the cities’ lights and they are not fishing boats or Starlink satellites due to their height.

Furthermore, these light formations do not often occur on ISS live streams, they appear unforeseen and vanish as if they never were. Now the question many ask is where are they going and for what reason do they fly in this amount?

There are various hypotheses at this stage that may justify its real function. One choice is for alien astronauts to abandon our world in formation because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Another explanation and one of the most famous is that they show that certain other world civilizations are planning for a quiet attack, strategically positioning their fleet as if they were a series of chesses. Though we can’t exclude that it’s the US Space Force.

We shall inform that the Delta 9 Space Forces team officially issued their first assignment in support: orbital warfare. In favor of the armament strengthening of the Space Force, it formally took charge of the elusive, unexplained experimental mini space shuttle X-37B that accomplished a range of classified unrevealed flights, the latest of which involved a defense force mission. It should also come as no surprise that centuries of artifacts that roam in Earth’s atmosphere are hidden instruments for the Space Army.

Apart from all this, the fact is that since more than 150 unexplained space objects travel in the orbit of our earth, why not feel it appropriate to clarify the strange objects that appear in the ISS’ live broadcast by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) or by ESA. But the fact is that they should stay anonymous, as they still do to lie to us.

What do you think about the 150 Planet UFO fleet? Alien ships? Or do you have a different point of view?


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