The Lost City Of Atlantis ? They discovered an ancient city in the Pacific Ocean

In the center of the Pacific Ocean are the remains of Nan Madol, an ancient town that can be found on the east coast of Pohnpei Island, between Honolulu and Manila, in Micronesia. Is it true that these are the remnants of the Lost Continent?

For thousands of years, the Lost Continent is thought to have occurred. Many scholars discuss this in their stories, and various academics have taken on the challenge of locating their bones.

Still, in the center of the Pacific Ocean, there appears to be proof of its presence.

William Ayres, of the University of Oregon, promises that Nan Madol was the capital of the Saudeleur family, which controlled the region between 500 and 1500. At present, you can just see the ruins of massive temples and basalt-built structures.

Historians have been surprised by the complexity of the houses. How did they manage to move those heavy slabs from the north coast of Ponap? This is the only storehouse of this stone.

Nan Madol – Proof of a Lost Continent?

The past of these ruins is completely unclear. The origins, its people, it’s all a huge mystery.

Apparently, the myths and stories regarding its roots abound. Local legends refer to the “wizard” who flew in from far away, bearing the massive slabs with which the buildings were constructed.

Other accounts reference massive coconut wood rafts, something completely unlikely due to the terrain of the island. There are several blocks that reach 14 meters in diameter, but there is no logical description about how they were relocated.

The workforce is another puzzle. Where did human resources come from to construct such an infrastructure? Pohnpei, the nearest populated city, even today, has no more than 35.000 residents.

Since the Second World War, the mining of precious metals in Pohnpei, following the removal of the Japanese, has also revealed more modern legends.

Staff and soldiers assured that they were witnesses to some of the tribal stories. The most shocking is the one that claims that Nan Mandol is just the “entrance door” of a gigantic underwater area.

This is the only recognizable aspect of Kanimeis, “Nobody’s City.” The place where the Kings of the Sun were living.

Possible proof that there is someone more

There are a vast number of lawsuits lodged where divers in the region see gigantic homes, avenues, monoliths littered with corals and algae.

Irrefutable proof that Nan Madol may just be the tip of the iceberg, and that the remnants of the Lost Continent could likely be found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

Did you like to create a city adjacent to the ancient gods’ city? The stories of magicians and magicians talk for themselves, though science cannot justify their construction.

Furthermore, we must also note that this method of creating “levitate” artifacts is not the first time it has been described in ancient cultures.

Egypt, Easter Island, Tibet, Tihuanaco, Stonehenge, and several other temples, have levitation as a possible means to transfer monumental rocks to their present location.

Moreover, the advanced technologies used to design those buildings would not seem to be a civilisation similar to the time of Christ.

Are they proof that a very sophisticated culture populated the Earth on the Lost Continent? So far, the inquiries are continuing, but are they necessarily going to tell us the significance of these ruins? Are they going to alter the standard story?


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