The Strange Alien Skulls Discovered in Africa Could Change The History As We Know It

Many people assume that the human race is the only race to inhabit the Earth, but a recent hypothesis appears to challenge this idea.

A skull has been found in Africa, in which we can find a physiognomy and osseous anatomy identical to that of a human being, but at the same time it poses a distinctive characteristic that renders it difficult to belong to a human being.

This discovery was rather polemical and aroused a number of hypotheses and speculations regarding it. One of these hypotheses claims that this discovery is false and that the characteristics of the skull have been distorted.

However, if we believe that the skull is genuine, it will be about 14 million years old and contains a large quantity of iridium, a material also contained in meteorites.

Do you believe this finding has something to do with, let’s presume, the mummies discovered in Peru? Or could it be proof that could prove the presence of extraterrestrials? Let us exactly what you’re thinking.


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