There Are At Least 30 Advanced Alien Civilizations In Our Galaxy

It is actually really hard to believe that ever since we’ve garnered the technology to leave our own planet, we haven’t actually managed to establish contact with any other alien civilization out there. Does this mean that we are alone in the universe? Apparently, it doesn’t according to a team of experts from the University of Nottingham.

They uncovered thanks to the newfound Astrobiological Limit of Copernicus that at least thirty other intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations live somewhere in our galaxy

The computer that they assigned for this experiment calculated the fact that 5 billion years of evolution and the right circumstances allowed us to evolve to this point, and then it calculated the same concepts out there in the rest of our galaxy which resulted in there being a total of 36 other inhabitable planets which might house intelligent life, most likely even more intelligent than our own.

If we do actually come across these civilizations then that will be a good sign, as finding out that they’ve all perished with time would mean that we’re most likely going to suffer the same fate as them, since the computer calculated the probability based on our own base model, so the lack of life in such systems would imply that our own system would eventually cease to exist. Article by Ancient Blog.

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