These 8 Immortal Sumerian Lords Ruled Earth For 244,000 Years And They Came From Stars

A series of copies of a single manuscript have all been officially collected recently throughout Mesopotamia. This manuscript portrays the list of the eight Sumerian kings that ruled our world for over 244,000 years. They each lived plentiful lives way longer than humans can ever hope to live up to.

The manuscript includes all of the names and the times that they ruled during.

We also deciphered the fact that the manuscript tells us that they came from the stars and landed on our planet to rule over us. It is often referred to as the “List of Sumerian Kings” and in this manuscript, we’ve uncovered information about our past that had never been available to us prior to its discovery.

The very first king is referred to as Alulim and he ruled for a total of 28,800 years. The second one is known as Alaljar and he ruled even more than Alulim, for 36,000 years. The 8 kings ruled over 5 different ancient cities for well over 244,000 years in totals.

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