These Ancient Ruins Were Recently Found In Antarctica Using Only Google Earth

This massive ancient structure was discovered encased underneath the hard ice of Antarctica and as you can tell right off the bat it’s no laughing matter, to say the least. The structure was originally spotted by a roving spy satellite and as far as we can tell this is as the 12,000-year-old structure we’re looking at that was encased under the ice of Antarctica.

The US military essentially closed off everything, they shut down all of their operations that day and went directly for this structure to see what it could actually hold all along and despite the news blackout, they reported that what they encountered here this day essentially changed everything as we knew it.

Soon after the news broke that ancient ruins were discovered here and as you can tell right off the bat more and more military personnel were sent to Antarctica to oversee what they came across that day. Archaeologist and adventurer Jonathan Gray disappeared around this time period as he was one of the first to enter the ruins.

Many believe that Jonathan alongside his team of experts all disappeared inside of the ruins that day and that the footage they uncovered from the place effectively got swooped by the military. Many believe that this is proof that alien life is inside of those ruins and that the disappearances were caused by them but this is still pretty unclear to this very day. And the story doesn’t end there as a UFO was also uncovered close to this site too. Video 1:

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