This Bizarre Skull Was Discovered In a Cave in Peru

The weird stone heads that welcome us on Nuka Hiva, the largest island in the Marquesas Archipelago in French Polynesia, are eerily similar to a mysterious skull discovered in a cave in Peru.

The anomalous skull is ready to be sent off and sampled for DNA and radiocarbon testing within US facilities, according to secret Inca tours.

The fact that we have a genuine skull in our hands ultimately backs up the stone head depictions on the island of Nuka, Hiva, implying that our forefathers didn’t merely have vivid imaginations, as debunkers like to point out when studying ancient artwork.

This could be the smoking gun we’ve been looking for, forcing historians to reconsider ancient cave drawings in a whole new light.

I’m quite sure it wouldn’t make a difference because they’d still find a way to disregard the evidence, but we can hope.

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